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Can an employee choose a future date to start contributing to MoneyBoxx ?

YES! A written approval will be required from the custodian of that institution and date cannot exceed 3 months from sign up.

Do I need to make an initial deposit during sign up ?

NO! You can sign up with a zero balance

How many mobile phone numbers can an employee specify during sign up ?

Three (3). One PRIMARY number, 2 SECONDARY numbers

Can a loan be repaid in bulk ? If yes how the interest will be calculated

YES, Loans can be repaid in bulk. It will be calculated on a “pro-rata” basis

Can I take a loan if I haven’t contributed ?

Yes, you can take, but not without involvement of your HR. MoneyBoxx will need approval from your employer confirming that you have duly initiated the monthly contribution process and they will send your contribution to MoneyBoxx.

Can I take a loan if I am not an employee of a registered company?

Our systems are highly secured and access to information via the web or contact centre requires several layers of controlled access